On the road again

Driving cross country has become a typical event for us. This time we are headed to Charleston, South Carolina! Not exactly where we thought we would be headed this summer but we just couldn't pass up the opportunity of a lifetime. Fortunately we are traveling on the company dime this time and thank goodness too with the price of gas on the rise. It was our first time driving through the south eastern states of Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia before arriving in South Carolina!

Along the way we took in the new scenery and sites...
Montgomery, Alabama
Camping at Stone Mountain
Visiting the Atlanta aquarium was the highlight of our journey and it was incredible!
The sea life was awesome and the tank was huge, check out that WHALE shark!
On the way out we stopped to pose for a picture in front of the Coca-cola museum.

Somehow we managed to have 7 people and 3 dogs comfortably fit in the trailer too.