Special visitor!

After 3 loooong weeks Rob came home for his first visit and boy were we ALL happy to see him! An added bonus to his home coming was a special visit from Kari! Since the winter weather in the NW doesn't seem to wanna quit this year, (snowing in April, come on already!) and you know I needed some girl time, I was overjoyed to have her come to visit. It was really nice to spend some time away pampering ourselves with nails and haircuts. She also watched the kids long enough for Rob and I to get a date night in, (that's 2 so far for 2008!) We also enjoyed a very yummy lunch at Casa Rio on the riverwalk in downtown San Antonio. Of course her visit to the Alamo city wouldn't be complete without a stopping by the Alamo itself! Come one come all, I love it when we get to have guests!