What were we thinking???

After several weeks of early wake-up calls I am finally getting to sleep-in a little again. (You know how much I love the morning...NOT!) It took some careful planning on how to keep up with potty training our new puppy without a doggy door and an open floor plan but of course I worked it out. Beli is growing so fast she's already bigger than the pugs! They are not in love with her still but Pepsi did help me to keep her quiet at night by sharing the crate with her for the first week. The kids are so in love with her, it is really hard not pick her up and snuggle every chance we get, but since she will definately outgrow our laps sooner than later we are trying not to get into the habit. Even though I love how cute and sweet she is, I am also soooo glad puppies grow up faster than human babies!