Home Sweet Home!

Sorry for the delayed update. It has taken some time to get settled and unpacked from our journey. Here's the scoop... most of the drive home was in rainy weather but we did make it. Safely passing through Louisiana before the hurricane! We are very grateful to our wonderful neighbors who diligently watched over our home and front yard while we were away. It really made the time away from home much less stressful knowing everything was being watched over so well. Fortunately we returned just in time because shortly after our return lightning hit a tree in our front yard!

Our neighbors assumed responsibility for the tree because it did sit on their side of the property line and landed in their yard. Not a fun issue to deal with but the up side is now we both have a larger yard space for the kids to play in! (The tree was removed completely.) After the tree fell we shifted our focus to fixing up the back yard and installed 700 sq feet of new sod. It was an exhausting project especially in the Texas heat. Aside from yard work we are keeping busy as usual...never a dull moment for the Huffman's!