Drama Drama Drama!!!

Wow has it been a crazy time for us. Shayla and Tori have been participating in a drama club offered through our local library since September 2008. Starting in January the club has been working on a play written by one of the leaders of the club. Tori was assigned to costume design and Shayla auditioned and won the part of Lydia. After several weeks of rehearsals and hours and hours of sewing, the final production was held at a local theatre. The kids did awesome and we captured the show on film to share with everyone. (Follow this link to view the film in 6 parts on youtube.) After the success of the production they followed it with an "Oscar" party drama club reunion. Everyone got dressed up for the red carpet and applauded each others efforts over the years. Really neat bunch of kids and a really fun activity. To view behind the scene pictures and party photos click here.