Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!

I love celebrating birthdays and I really try hard to make the event special for the birthday person. This year for Angela's 30th birthday I convinced her hubby to let me spend the weekend shopping with her. She is a super shopper and always finds the best deals. We spent two long days browsing and hunting through the famed San Marcos Tanger & Prime Outlet Mall. The mall stretches over one mile and is filled with high-end stores. It was without a doubt the most shopping I have ever done in such a short period of time.

In addition to all the shopping we also enjoyed a romantic dinner with the guys. After dinner we took a stroll through downtown New Braunfels and tried to capture the moment. The best part was watching Steve try to beat the timer on the camera as he leaped up the stairs to the gazebo.

The weekend ended with Angela returning home to find custom shelves installed in her master closet, courtesy of my design and prep work and Rob and Steve's installation. The girl owns 80+ pairs of shoes, she needed those shelves! It was a really fun weekend and a great way to bring on 30!