Back From No Where

It's hard to believe it's been almost 2 yrs since I have posted anything on this blog. It's not like I haven't been online or something. Spending all my online time on facebook is the real reason why this blog died. Originally this blog was created to keep friends and family up to date with all our busyness after we moved from Washington to Texas. After recent major events in our family it makes sense to revisit this method for updates. The big event is that we moved again, this time from Texas to South Carolina! We fell in love with Charleston back in 2008 when we were blessed with the opportunity to come and spend a summer here. We returned again for another summer vacation in 2009 and hoped and prayed for the chance to move to South Carolina permanently. Thankfully the opportunity has come and here we are! Rob was able to transfer to the new Boeing facility in North Charleston earlier this year and after 3 months apart we have now come to join him. We are currently living in our travel trailer and plan to move into a rental on John's Island very soon. Starting all over again is not easy, especially given all the friendships and family we left behind in Texas. We hope to put down roots a little faster this time and get connected with the friendly people of the "low country" right away. I expect to have plenty of free time to update this blog, that is until we make some new friends to play with. Smiley Faces Just kidding! Please keep us in your prayers, specifically that our house in Texas sells soon.