Happy Mother's Day

It's a very special gift to be allowed to nurture and guide a child in this world and being a mom is not limited to our own natural born or even adopted children. I have met many women in my life time who offer wonderful care and wisdom to other peoples children all the time. I am very grateful to be a mom and most recently I see that mothering goes well beyond the childhood years. I'm also still learning every day how to be a better mom and thankfully I know many amazing women to learn from including my own mom, my sweet grammy, my mother-in-law, my aunts, my sisters by blood and in Christ, my girlfriends, my mentors and the countless other women I know who are sacrificing their lives to be a mother for someone. I pray that each of these special ladies are loved well and thanked often. Thank you Lord for the children you have trusted to my care, I love them each dearly.