Wow how time flies by, especially when you're busy hosting visitors! First my best friend from high school, Beth, came to play with us. The highlight of her visit was a day of fun at SeaWorld. It was great to see her and laugh and play like teens again. It was also hard to say goodbye but hopefully it won't be for too long.

We didn't have much down time because shortly after Beth left, my Mom came for her first visit to San Antonio. The bulk of our time with her was spent shopping and crafting. We managed to put together several projects for our community Christmas Bizarre, including beading necklaces with magnetic beads. (Judi is modeling her creation in the photo.) Everyone had a lot of fun catching up and hanging out. Hopefully she will get to come back soon.

While my mom was visiting, we squeezed in a dinner out with Grammy and Felix. After dinner we spent some time goofing around in front of the restaurant taking pictures. Tori captured a priceless photo of herself and Grammy. Digital cameras are my favorite invention of the 21st century.