We've been VERY busy!!!!

This is a recap of why I was too busy to post anything in February....

We started the month with a visit to the Rodeo! Only in Texas is February a good time of the year to go to the Rodeo. (aka "the fair") We had a really fun day filled with barn animals and carnival rides.

For Valentines we had a Chocolate Dipping Party! It was delicious and likely to become a new family tradition. I love a reason to have a party!

We also celebrated our 11th wedding anniversary on Valentines Day. Our gift exchange was less romantic and more practical this year... a can opener and a starbucks gift card marked the occasion. (Can you guess who got what?) We did manage to go out for dinner and a show to celebrate the week before.

Tori reached a special milestone this year, her Sweet 16 Birthday! Yes that's right, she is that old and ready to learn to drive! She starts drivers ed soon and will be forced to learn in a mini-van. (Prayers are greatly appreciated.)

We explored another Texas wonder, the Natural Bridge Caves under the hill country. Ruth Ann inspired us on her visit to go down under, 180 feet down under! We love it when people come to visit and we get to see new sites together.

If you didn't already know this about us, let it be known now that we love movies and the Oscars! For several years running Rob and I have made it a tradition to fill out personal ballots and watch the show together. This year we learned that the local dinner/movie theatre was hosting the event for FREE! We recruited our friends Angela and Steve to dress up for the red carpet and make a date night of it. It is a very rare occasion that we get this dressed up, we all had a really fun time.

We finished the month with a visit with Ashley. She cashed in her Christmas gift and came to warm up and soak up some sunshine with us at Seaworld.

In addition to all of these documented events we also squeezed in several DIY projects and launched our CARE group. We are honored to be leading a weekly small group meeting in our home with several families from our church for dinner, fellowship and prayer.