March Madness!!

Yeah spring is here!!! Boooo so are the allergies! Yeah time to work in the garden!!! Boooo the leaves keep falling and falling! It seems there is no end to the leaves dropping, bag after bag we fill and yet there is always more.

Rob will do just about anything to go golfing, even if it means taking 5 very silly kids with you!

Visitors from the past and East Texas! Stephanie and Adam graduated with Rob and happen to live in Houston now. They came to play at Seaworld and spent an evening reminiscing and laughing with us.

Thanks to the Larson family we finally took the kids to an organized sporting event! We went to a Rampage game and watched from a suite. It was really fun and we even got a moment of fame on the big screen!

Dreams do come true and this time it was for Rob! He took the kids to see one of his favorite music artists, Third Day! They performed a free concert at Seaworld along with Revive and Need to Breathe. It was loud and fun and the kids loved it!

We managed to make it back to another Rampage game before the month was over, this time for a date night. This was the first time we actually witnessed the home team win a game in the AT&T Center, hopefully there will be more wins from now on.