The past few weeks have been full of activity...

Field-trips to the Charleston Museum, a day trip to the beach, Living History Day at Boone Hall Plantation and family day at Boeing were some of the main events. I didn't take pictures of every activity but what I did take I added to our photo albums for everyone to see.

The Charleston Museum is the first museum in the United States and is full of really neat exhibits. They also offer a monthly program for local home schoolers and this month was all about maps. We went back again just last weekend for an extra demonstration on movie special effects.

Beth and Hannah also came from Georgia to spend a few days with us. We took them to the beach and shared our field trip to Boone Hall with them. The beach was a last minute idea but turned out to be a great day of nice weather (70degrees) and science education. We met a long time local resident who has a degree in marine biology and she graciously took the time to educate us about the horseshoe crab, using a specimen we found right on the beach for demonstration.

The very next day the weather changed dramatically and dropped to 40 degrees, just in time for us to spend the day outdoors at Boone Hall Plantation. It was cold but very educational and inspiring learning about the civil war through actors and scenes set-up to take you back in time.  Unfortunately on the way home we got in a minor accident when I stopped at an intersection to let emergency vehicles pass through and was rear-ended. Nobody was hurt and the van just needs a new bumper and some body work on the rear door.

While it was far from being our first family day at Boeing, it was our first time to see the 787 up close and visit the new facility that opened a few weeks ago. We had a fun time touring the building, eating as much food as we could possibly stuff our faces with, and learning all about the production line of the 787. The kids also got a kick out of "touching" the planes, including the very strange looking Dream Lifter.

In the middle of all this activity I finally finished my first knitting project! I completed a baby blanket for April and Ed's new son, Christian who was born on November 13th. Shayla also made some cute little booties for the baby. We are very happy for them and look forward to meeting their new little boy some day.