Grammy's visit for Turkey Day & Birthdays

Before we get too busy with the Christmas season I figured I better post something about our Thanksgiving visit with Grammy. We really enjoyed having her come and stay with us; sharing our new home town with her in addition to the holiday.

Thanksgiving is our family favorite holiday and this year we shared the meal with one of Rob's co-workers and his wife and new baby, and then we shared our desserts with the couple that lives next door to us. Even with our guests we managed to keep to our quirky family tradition of spending the day in our pj's. We had all the usual snacks, desserts, side dishes and a very tasty bird. We also set a record this year stretching our left-overs out to last through 4 extra days of meals. Turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey pot pie, turkey omelettes and turkey slop finished off the last of it.

Our visit with Grammy also included celebrating birthdays for Rob and the boys. Jesse and Tony are officially just one year away from their teens and Rob is closing in on the big 40!

Of course we took plenty more pictures for everyone to see, follow this link to our photo albums and see for yourself how much FUN it can be to come and visit the Huffman's in South Carolina!