Tomorrow is the big day!

After a series of complications we are finally able to move into the rental house on Johns Island. Everyone is excited and more than ready to move out of the trailer.  As expected we've already painted 4 rooms in the house to keep with our colorful family personality. It will be interesting squeezing all of our stuff from the oversized TX house into this new average sized home. Give me a week or two and I will post some pictures hopefully convincing at least a few people to come out to SC for a visit.  Since we expect to be very busy organizing, shuffling furniture about and unpacking for some time, we squeezed in a beach trip today, a quick 20 minutes from the house. It turned out to be a short day after Jesse's encounter with a swarm of jelly fish. Yep he got stung pretty good and now has an exciting beach story to share for the rest of his life. He will be fine but appreciates your prayers for swift healing. I will spare everyone the details and a picture and let you imagine it for yourself.