Triple Play: A birthday, a busy weekend of DIY and a family day at Peaceful Way.

1) Labor day was a double holiday for our family this year as it was also Ali's 13th birthday! To celebrate the day we made our first of many predicted visits to the local aquarium. Her love for marine animals and the sea has continued to grow and she had a great day learning about the local sea life. The Charleston aquarium boasts the deepest tank in North America and is home to several sharks and a very large sea turtle.

Her favorite part of the day was the touch pool and petting the sting rays and sea urchins.

She is officially a teen now but according to her she doesn't feel any different. LoL

2) Unfortunately our house in TX remains vacant. In an effort to rectify this problem I flew back to San Antonio for a crazy busy weekend painting away (2300sf) of our vibrant colors. It was sad to paint over all the colors; hopefully the neutral paint will appeal to more potential buyers or a renter. The market has really slowed down drastically in our neighborhood but we are still praying and hoping for a buyer to come forward. We appreciate your prayers and once again ask you to share our info (with updated pictures) with anyone and everyone.  On a side note when I was there I did stumble upon a temporary tenant who gave me a bit of a fright. He has since moved out but it was kind of funny to find him living in the box of old fire wood on the back patio.

3) Last weekend we enjoyed an opportunity to meet and play with other low country home school families at Peaceful Way. It was very neat treat and such a special place created by the Bostic family. They have transformed their private property into a ministry and a retreat away. Everyone had a blast enjoying all sorts of activities, like rock climbing;

rowing around the man made pond,

riding down the zip line on the playground that was a over 50ft long,

and it was a great day for making new friends too!